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At Barnabas Prep, we're a collegiate program, but we're also a partnership. We're committed to helping your student become the very best version of themselves away from home.

Our Christ-centered program based in Branson, Missouri is uniquely designed to equip young adults with disabilities to achieve high levels of independence.


Barnabas Prep Mission: Equipping young adults with disabilities for a life of self-confidence, societal significance, and spiritual maturity in Christ.


Barnabas Prep is a part of Barnabas Foundation, Inc., bringing 27 years of experience in disability ministry to the table. This quality program requires quality staff, which is why we don’t hire just anyone to fill our positions. We vet our staff and fellows to ensure they have the right qualifications for the positions, in addition to the heart for our ministry. As you make the decision to choose the next step for your son or daughter, we invite you to learn more about the people spending the most time with your student.

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