The goal of the curriculum of Barnabas Prep is to facilitate student growth in community interaction and awareness, working skills, home living skills, and in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ. The curriculum is implemented in classes throughout the students’ daily schedule and in less structured learning opportunities throughout the day. These classes include Life Skills 101, Job Skills 101, Introduction to Biblical Studies, Advanced Job Skills, and Advanced Biblical Studies.

Life Skills focuses on students’ independent living skills, encouraging and pushing them to live a life of independence. In Life Skills class students learn cleaning skills, cooking skills, menu planning, community interaction, and personal hygiene.

Job Skills class teaches and nourishes skills that students need to succeed in the workplace. Resumé building, interview skills, job etiquette, and on the job training are all aspects of Job Skills class.

In Biblical Studies, students are encouraged to better develop a relationship with the Lord. From basic Biblical navigation skills to in-depth looks into the structure and stories of the Bible, all students will experience personal growth in their spiritual lives.