Barnabas Life

Barnabas Life is a Christ-centered residential community for adults with disabilities which provides supported avenues for meaningful employment, social interaction, and spiritual growth.

For years, prior to 2011, directors at Camp Barnabas were consistently challenged by camper families as they sought a post high school program that would prepare their students for a life of independence. Thus, Barnabas Prep was created. Now, a different issue plagues the families of Barnabas Prep graduates. Unfortunately, our local communities today provide limited residential and vocational opportunities for adults with disabilities that offer the dignity and quality of life that they deserve. So, we have decided to develop a program that does just that. A program that provides quality residential and vocational opportunities in true Barnabas fashion.

Barnabas Life is a long-term residential community that provides a supportive Christian environment for residents as they pursue meaningful vocational experience in their least restrictive environment. With the guidance of Barnabas Life staff, residents will gain vocational experience in either the surrounding Branson community or one of the Barnabas Life cottage industries. When not at work, residents will be involved in a vibrant community complete with a variety of nightly and weekend social events and activities. Residents have the freedom to make preferential life decisions of which Barnabas Life will accommodate as long as they are safe and in accordance with the goals and values established with their family at their admission.

If you are interested in Barnabas Life, please contact Courtney Button at [email protected]