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Redefine what's possible. Starting now.

You may have heard about us through our special needs summer camp, Camp Barnabas! If you love our camp, you'll LOVE our program. Welcome to Barnabas Prep, located in the vibrant community of Branson, Missouri, where faith meets education in a nurturing environment tailored for individuals with special needs. As a distinguished Special Needs education program, Barnabas Prep goes beyond traditional academics, offering a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses essential life skills, biblical education, job readiness, and interview skills.

Our commitment to coming alongside families who have a child with special needs and are looking for a program that is specifically for adults extends far beyond the classroom, with a focus on community integration and enriching experiences that promote social growth and independence. Join us at Barnabas Prep, where every student is supported on their unique journey of learning and personal development.


Help support our students through donating to our Scholarship fund, today!


What a day in the life of being a Prep Student looks like!

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Come and check out our beautiful campus and learn more about our Program!


Prep Parent:

"Barnabas Prep is a bridge. A brige that connects these students past self to their future self."
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Support Barnabas Prep by wearing BP merch in your hometown, on vacation, wherever you may go. Check out our intern-made candles!

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