Redefine what’s possible

The next step for young adults with special needs.


Welcome To Barnabas Prep

For many parents of a child with a disability, the transition from high school presents limited options, thus leaving parents to ask: What’s next?

Barnabas Prep is a two-year faith-based collegiate program based in Branson, Missouri designed specifically for students with special needs. It is an independent living-learning experience that helps young adults recognize their strengths and potential, and challenges them to grow into their best selves. Students come in not realizing what’s possible and leave with new skills, confidence and an understanding of their full potential.

“At Prep, our daughter is valued… She is loved and accepted as she is, yet gently challenged to ‘step it up’ as she works to discover His plan for her life, by people who go above and beyond to figure out a way for her to succeed. Who wouldn’t want that for their child?” – Jeany Franz, Barnabas Prep Parent