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Fellow Life

Fellows are deeply involved in the lives of Prep students through their daily activities and the staff works hard to pour into our Fellows in return. Here is just a snapshot of activities Fellows can be involved in throughout the week.

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Student Classes

Fellows serve in the classroom as paraprofessionals, assisting Barnabas Prep Educators with lessons. They also have the opportunity to step up and lead classes.

Community Integration

Fellows lead students as job coaches in real job settings in the Branson community. We have job placements at restaurants, music theaters, barber shops, Silver Dollar City, retail shops and more.

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Dorm Leaders

Students strive for independence in their dorms and the Fellows lead through example, instruction or hand-over-hand assistance when needed. From hygiene accountability, house chores, room checks, Bible study and more, Fellows model an excellent home.

Weekends+Nights & Chill Time

We love to have a good time at Prep, and Fellows lead Weekends+Nights and enjoy Chill Time alongside our students. Weekends include park trips, cooking comps, camp retreats, and family events. Fellows lead Club Nights and Worship Wednesdays. We need chill time too, so you'll find everyone relaxing with long walks, hammock time, journaling, reading or playing sports outside.

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Annual Cruise

Our class trip is unlike any other, where we set sail with all of our best friends for a five- to six-day trip that is so much fun. Packed with all the best things from swimming, karaoke, buffets, endless ice cream and dance parties, this trip will leave Fellows with the best memories.

Fellow Classes

A variety of guest speakers are brought in to work with Fellows on understanding the Gospel, discovering their spiritual gifts, learning financial stewardship, resume building, personality assessments and more. Each speaker is here to help develop Fellows individually and as a team.


Bible Studies

Guy and Girl Fellows split up with their Fellow Coordinators for guided Bible studies throughout the year, giving them intentional time with their leaders and each other, as they look more closely at the Word of God.


Fellows are provided with housing in our dorms, and room with other Fellows


Lunch and dinner is provided  in our Dining Hall, breakfast in the dorms and most special outings are covered by Prep


Fellows receive a stipend paid twice monthly during their term


Fellow classes and trips, including our annual cruise, are included

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