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Student Life

Every day is a new opportunity for personal growth and spiritual development at Prep! While students participate in a full daily classroom schedule, they also have a lot of fun. From nightly clubs, house nights, social events on and off campus, trips and more, our student life is rich!

On Campus Activities

Just like you would find on a traditional college campus, we have activities almost every night of the week! Students participate in cooking competitions, worship nights, bonfires, movie nights, karaoke, talent shows and so much more. Every student is included and participates! 

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Branson Area Activities

How lucky are we to have our campus so close to Branson shows, mini golf, mountain coasters, hiking, lakes and more? We're blessed through a variety of partnerships to be able to take our students to shows and activities in our immediate area. We also spend a lot of time outside, enjoying all the Ozarks has to offer!

Trips to Camp Barnabas

We're also blessed to be able to utilize Camp Barnabas for our own 'Barnabreak' in the Fall. We take students out for a weekend of fun at Camp, where they get to fish, kayak, use the ropes course and more!


Champion Athletes

Through our partnership with Champion Athletes, our students participate in water aerobics weekly at College of the Ozarks, and have seasons of weekly bowling and basketball. All activities get our students involved with other adults with similar abilities in the area, where they make even more friends. Champion Athletes just added Pickleball to their line-up! 

Annual Cruise

Our traditional students and interns participate in the annual cruise, which takes place at the mid-to-end of February each year. This epic trip takes us on a 5 or 6 day cruise where each student is assigned a one-on-one buddy for the trip, insuring they have the best care and the most fun! The cruise is full of the students' favorite things: karaoke, dancing, friends and food!

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Family Activities & More

Families are invited to join us for Homecoming in October and Family Weekend in April. Students also participate in Tim Tebow's Night to Shine in February and we hold an epic Field Day in May. Throughout the year students go on a variety of field trips. We celebrate Graduation, and all students and families are invited to attend.

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