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At Barnabas Prep, we're a collegiate program and a partnership.

We're committed to helping your student become the very best version of themselves away from home. Our Christ-centered program based in Branson, Missouri is uniquely designed to equip young adults with disabilities to achieve high levels of independence.

Our Mission: Equipping young adults with disabilities for a life of self-confidence, societal significance, and spiritual maturity in Christ.


Prep History

Barnabas Prep was established in 2011 as a sister ministry to Camp Barnabas, a unique ministry providing Christian camping experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses, along with their siblings. Through the years, Barnabas staff witnessed campers grow from young children to young adults and saw the challenges their families faced as they prepared their students for life after high school. In a desire to walk alongside campers and their families, the Barnabas team began to brainstorm ways to expand the ministry outside of a camp experience. Thus, Barnabas Prep was born.

Barnabas Prep received its inaugural class of six students in the fall of 2011 and operated from Camp Barnabas at Teas Trail in Purdy, Missouri. In 2014, the program relocated to Branson, Missouri allowing for an expansion of the program and more opportunities for students and staff to be immersed and involved in the community around them.


Barnabas Prep's first class is underway at Camp Barnabas with six students in Purdy, MO.

143A9963 (1).jpg

The Lake Shore Drive property is purchased, thanks to Gary & Norma Smalley. Barnabas Prep moves to Branson.

143A0172 (1).jpg

The Doulos property is purchased, expanding Prep with two designated guys & girls houses, intern cabins, office space, classrooms and a dining hall.


With 30 students, Prep's largest class yet, construction started on a new office and classroom building. Of the three new classrooms, one is a life skills classroom with working kitchen.

Our Spiritual Foundation

We strive to glorify Jesus Christ in everything we do. Whether we are in the classroom or in the community, Christ comes first, always. While at Barnabas Prep, our goal is to equip and inspire young men and women as they grow in their faith and independence. In every aspect of our ministry we will be guiding and pointing students back to Christ.

About the Barnabas Foundation

Barnabas Prep is part of Barnabas Foundation, Inc., bringing 27 years of experience in disability ministry to the table. Camp Barnabas is a ministry in Southwest Missouri dedicated to providing a unique Christian summer camp experience to individuals with special needs, their siblings, and youth from across the United States. Since 1994, Camp Barnabas has welcomed more than 90,000 Campers with special needs and Missionaries to camp.

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