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Over the years, we've found the following students THRIVE within our program:


Students who have a primary diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability or cognitive delay.


Students who are comfortable handling ADL's for self-care.


Students who are able to move around with minimal staff assistance.


Students looking to build a foundation in living activities and grow in their independence.


Students who enjoy engaging with peers and living in a peer-centered environment.


Students who have the ability to follow basic organizational rules designed for everyone's safety and wellbeing.


Students who do not want to harm themselves or others and/or do not have a history of this behavior.


Students who have graduated high school.

Additional Admissions criteria

  • Reading ability is on at least a third-grade level.

  • Has basic mathematics understanding; can use a calculator.

  • Can utilize technology (cell phone, laptop, etc.) on a basic level.

  • Able to handle changes in routine; can be flexible in fluctuating circumstances.

  • Not defiant toward authority; is able and willing to follow simple directions.

  • Be able to live and function in a group situation (1:3 care ratio) while demonstrating the ability to accept personal responsibility for actions and maintaining respect for self and others.

  • Enjoys learning.

  • Has the potential to be successful in competitive employment situations. 

  • Has the desire and motivation to participate in a college experience.

  • Has parents who will support his/her independence.

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